Recreational Fish Limits in areas 20-1, 20-2, 20-3, 21 and 121

  • Daily limit for Salmon is 4 fish
  • Chinook Salmon: 2 per day over 45cm [18”]   limit 30 per year
  • Coho: 2 hatchery per day  and on Sept. 5/17  4 per day in area 20-2 of which 2 can be wild. Nitinat area 22 you may retain two (2) Coho per day (hatchery marked or unmarked).
  • Pink Salmon: 4 per day
  • Rockfish: 2 per day of which 1 may be Yelloweye rockfish
  • Lingcod: 2 per day over 65cm [25 3/4”]
  • Codfish: 8 per day  Species includes: Pacific cod, Pacific tomcod, pollock, and hake but does not include lingcod.
  • Halibut: 1 per day maximum size 133cm [Approximate size 70lbs.]  Limit of 6 per year.
    Only one (1) of the two (2) halibut in your possession may be greater than 83 cm in overall length. The licence holder shall record immediately in ink on their licence all retained halibut caught in any Management Area.
  • Tuna: 20 per day
  • Dungeness Crab: 4 per day in area 20 and 6 per day in area 21 minimum size 165cm [61/2”]
  • Smelts: 20 kg. per day


Chinook Salmon

Starts in June and tapers off toward the end of September.


Chum Salmon

Late August to October


Coho, Pink & Sockeye Salmon

July, August & September are the best month for these salmon.


Cutthroat Trout & Steelhead

Found in the San Juan River, Gordon River and Harris Creek all year round. Lizard Lake and Ferry Lake produce cut throat trout as well.


Dungeness Crab

Plentiful in the bay during May, June & July.


Halibut, Lingcod & Rockfish

Fishing for bottom fish usually starts in April depending on the weather and water conditions. Swiftsure bank is the favourite spot for halibut and is about 20 miles from Port Renfrew, although halibut, lingcod and rockfish are taken along the coastline as well.



Best in the summer months on the beach just down the road from our property.



If you don’t have the essentials to head out on your own, there are plenty of fishing charter companies in Port Renfrew that would love to take you out. Please contact us for a referral.